Vertical fabric blinds provide an enhancing and functional method in which to control light, while still maintaining an uninterrupted view from your window. They offer an interesting, soft, layered look and are the most inexpensive type of blinds for homes and offices. They are popular for all types of rooms, because the fully closed slats allow increased privacy and protection from extreme sunlight.

The vertical slats permit the blinds to cover huge windows and sliding doors, and can be parted left, right, or split evenly to either side. When vertical blinds slats are tilted, they allow light to enter, can open up the view, as well as offer a degree of privacy.

Our exclusive range of vertical window blinds is available in many different colours. Our vertical fabric blinds remain a popular choice for corporate institutions, because they are economical, functional, and easy to clean.

Custom-made vertical fabric blinds have the ability to change the appearance of your windows, transforming them into the focal point of your living space.