Our one of a kind pram awning design surpasses industry standards, making use of advanced engineering solutions.
Our special aluminium frame means each panel can be made separately and slotted into a groove in the frame, seamlessly and staple free. No staples promises longer durability of material and better resistance to strong winds as the material will not be able rip through the staples which rust and diminish over time. It also allows uncomplicated, hassle-free change of individual panels for easier maintenance and change of material if desired. Our pram awnings are positioned on the wall with either clamping or hanging brackets. We don’t drill through the frame, which means greater durability.

To retract the awning, we make use of 3 individual swiveling pulleys in stainless steel, which lessen the stress on the rope and wheels inside the stainless steel casing. It’s simple to retract, because the pulleys will always turn in the direction of the rope so that the mechanism is not over stressed by excess physical force.

Pram awnings can be effortlessly folded up or collapsed whenever they’re not needed.

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