5 Reasons why Silver Edge proves to be your best choice

We’ve found a way to bring quality, style, and function together. Having our clients make the right decision when elevating their space is important to us. Here are our 5 Reasons why you should opt for Silver Edge products:

1 Quality

We manufacture about 50% of our products ourselves, which gives us control over what components go into our products as well as the quality of them. We have a local on-site factory with 9 years of experience, backing up our guarantee and addressing any problems that may arise.

2 Flexibility

This is where our style factor comes into play – since we offer customized products by colour matching to suit your furniture.

3 Competitive pricing

Being an Importer and Manufacturer enables us to offer very competitive prices to our clients.

4 Showroom

We display our products in life-size, to give our clients a feel for what the product would look and feel like in their space.

5 In-house installations

We’ve got an excellent team of in-house installers. Our team is familiar with our products and have been involved in the manufacturing process too.

With Silver Edge, you get the best of both worlds – quality products at affordable rates without compromising your taste. Allow us to guide you with tailored solutions.

We are offering a 15% discount on the Silver Edge Security Shutters and selected Roller blinds until the 31st of August! Don’t miss out! Get in touch today and receive a quote.

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